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Email Security Gap Analysis: Aggregated Results

Find the gaps in your current email security

Most organizations think their current email security infrastructure is doing a good job, regardless of how long ago they evaluated and deployed it. Few regularly test its effectiveness. This is because to do so is difficult. The result is that many organizations have been compromised and they don’t know it. It can take months to discover a breach, during which time the infiltrators have been helping themselves to confidential and business critical information.

A gap analysis allows you to quickly assess the effectiveness of your existing email security deployment.

Identify all threats that your current solution is delivering to your users:

  • Dangerous attachments and viruses
  • Phishing emails that use social engineering tactics on your users
  • Spam that diverts your users' attention and reduces their productivity

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Discover more about the volume and nature of threats that your current email security solution is failing to identify with a comprehensive Email Gap Analysis.

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Read this report to understand more about the large number phishing, malware, and ransomware threats getting past standard security systems and onto business networks.

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Watch this webinar to learn about in-depth analysis into the types of threats slipping through traditional email security, including the types of threats your security system could be missing.

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Easy to set up

A gap analysis by Cyren is totally unobtrusive and easy to setup. You simply configure your current email security appliance, cloud service or email server to copy all inbound emails that are considered clean, to Cyren's email security cloud. You also deliver these emails to your users as normal. Cyren will scan the clean emails and identify any threats that your current email security infrastructure has missed. Clean emails will be deleted, while those that contain a threat will be sorted based on the threat type and saved to a secure, cloud-based email server dedicated for you.

  • Totally unobtrusive – no impact on your current email infrastructure
  • No MX record change needed
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • Uses Cyren cloud security data center infrastructure
  • Dedicated, secure cloud-based email server for each Gap Analysis assessment
  • Emails containing threats are sorted and made available to aid remediation
  • Full reporting on all threats discovered
  • Copies of clean emails are permanently deleted

Speed of phishing is creating security gaps

Having the best possible email security in place is the easiest solution to prevent the most prevalent of cyber attacks. It is impossible to train users to recognize every social engineering tactic, so ensuring they never receive phishing or other malicious emails is essential.

  • 1 minute 40 seconds – the median time for the first user of a phishing campaign to open the malicious email
  • 3 minutes 45 seconds – the median time for the first click on the malicious attachment for a phishing campaign
  • 50% in first hour – half of users that open phishing e-mails and click on phishing links do so within the first hour of an attack

25B Security Transactions Daily

1.3B Users Protected

300M Threats Blocked Daily