Cyren DNS Security

Cloud-delivered web filtering and security for your business locations.

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Easy-to-use web filtering and security

Cyren DNS Security is an automated, location-based service for managing and protecting web usage. Delivered 100% from the cloud as a SaaS service, it allows you to quickly and easily protect your employees at headquarters, visitors in your remote offices, customers at your retail stores, or students on a campus. With a simple setup you can block malicious phishing and botnet sites, stop people from accessing porn or gambling sites, enforce “safe search,” and ensure a good web experience for your users.

  • Block access to malicious sites and objects
  • Stop inappropriate or offensive web use
  • “Safe search” ensures brower results contain no offensive content
  • Lowest TCO: No hardware, no software, no extra IT staffing
  • Just a SaaS subscription to start
  • Deploy in minutes and manage online

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Learn how to protect your users from malicious websites as they surf the internet, from any location on any computing device connected to your network.

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From the moment an attack is launched you only have seconds to identify and block it. Learn why advanced email security is critical for stopping emerging and existing threats.

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Recent research suggests that HTTPS websites can still hide phishing, malware, and other threats. Learn why it is critical to inspect all web traffic, including encrypted sites.

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How are businesses using Cyren DNS Security Services?

Protect employees in your offices

Web security solutions can be tremendously expensive and complex to roll out, especially if you have multiple office locations. How can you quickly and easily secure your business at a reasonable cost? Cyren DNS Security services allow you to immediately protect all your locations by simply pointing your DNS to Cyren’s secure DNS cloud.

Protect users on your guest wi-fi

Providing visitor access to Wi-Fi networks has become pervasive, from office receptions and meeting rooms to school campuses, but with it comes the responsibility of ensuring safe and responsible use – and otherwise potential liability. Cyren DNS Security ensures your visitors or students are using your network safely and appropriately.

Protect public wi-fi access in your retail stores

Providing free Wi-Fi access for shoppers in your stores can provide a strong competitive advantage, but how can you ensure they aren’t viewing porn or getting infected with malware as they surf? Cyren DNS Security services allow you to protect your customers and your brand by blocking inappropriate and malicious websites.

Immediate protection for any—or all—locations

Simply point your DNS to Cyren’s secure DNS infrastructure and deliver uniform web access policies and web security to all users at all your locations. Even the most remote international offices can be protected in a matter of minutes. Log in to the management console and choose from five pre-packaged policy templates for a quick start, then customize as you go. Or just “set and forget” with confidence, while Cyren secures your main office, remote branches, warehouses, or stores.

  • Online setup in minutes for all of your locations
  • Simply point your DNS traffic to Cyren’s global secure DNS infrastructure
  • No agent or client required on endpoint devices
  • No user authentication required
  • Choose a pre-formatted policy template for a quick start
  • Customize allow/block policies by location or on different VLANs at a single location

Get the web protection you need

Cyren DNS Filtering Services and Security protect your business locations from known web threats, including malicious phishing sites, ransomware downloaders, and botnet callbacks. With real-time threat intelligence powered by the Cyren GlobalView™ Security Cloud, Cyren sees internet traffic from over 600 million users and block over 130 million threats daily.

  • Blocks known malicious or unauthorized sites, including phishing, ransomware, and botnet callbacks
  • Filters malicious HTTP and HTTPS destinations
  • No content inspection of sensitive user traffic
  • Blocks user and non-browser traffic
  • Backed by Cyren GlobalView real-time threat intelligence
  • Identifies malicious sites using DNS techniques to disguise attacks, such as fast-flux or cache poisoning

Monitor and manage your web usage

Cyren DNS Security services give you unprecedented real-time visibility into your web usage. Our web dashboard provides at-a-glance status of web traffic, shadow IT, and your security posture. Comprehensive and customizable reports give you a detailed picture of your web activity by location.

  • Web-based dashboard
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Pre-formatted policy templates for a quick start
  • Create custom policies as you go
  • Web activity reporting by location

25B Security Transactions Daily

1.3B Users Protected

300M Threats Blocked Daily