Cyren Managed Secure Email Gateway

Reduce the burden on your IT team while streamlining admin, change control and support. 

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A fully managed SEG—direct from the SEG provider

Cyren helps enterprises get the full benefit of their email security while offloading the overhead associated with policy administration, change control and support to Cyren's experts. No other email security vendor delivers a fully managed cloud SEG directly and without the usual reliance on partnerships that introduce complexity and cost.

  • Cyren controls all underlying systems and technologies and owns all aspects of the service, from support through R&D
  • No SLAs are passed off to third parties, from response to critical escalation
  • All detection escalations are managed directly by Cyren's in-house expert threat analysts
The Cyren difference

Increase quality of service while reducing TCO

Since Cyren is the SEG owner, Cyren's Managed SEG service does not rely on third-party technologies, and the resulting low cost-to-serve enables flexible pricing models tailored to your needs—while delivering the highest quality of service. Years spent working with partners and customers like T-Systems, Rackspace, Microsoft and Google also means we are adept at creating any necessary interfaces to your other suppliers, removing that burden from you.

  • Flexible pricing models tailored to meet your needs
  • Low cost-to-serve passed through to help you achieve a reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduced time to problem resolution through full ownership of first to fourth line support
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Why outsource your email security directly to a vendor?
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Reduce operational security risk

While simple in theory, security policy configuration can become complex, and it's well known that misconfigurations can lead to security incidents or unhappy users—often both. By outsourcing to Cyren, you will receive direct support from security professionals who are laser-focused on a single service—your Cyren secure email gateway.

  • Remove any conflict of interest by separating management of your email platform from its security
  • Cyren owns all technologies and maintains end-to-end control of problem resolution
  • Cyren seamlessly integrates processes with your insourced or outsourced helpdesk and SOC
Reduced operational risk

Reduce business risk

If you have a large, single outsourcer contract, you are aware that managed services providers sub-contract elements of service provision and rely on third-party technologies. The resulting supply chain can be complex and introduces business risk, risk that Cyren reduces by providing every element of its managed SEG service directly. And, for EU-based organisations, Cyren can meet strict data residency and processing requirements.

  • Mitigate the risk of failure of a single, general IT outsourcer
  • Reduce the risk of supply chain attacks
  • Reduce the complexity of compliance associated with cross-border data export
Reduced business risk

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