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Inbox Security for Microsoft 365

Eliminate social engineering attacks from every mailbox.

Reduce the time your security teams spend investigating and resolving email threats like account takeover, business email compromise, and ransomware by continuously monitoring all mailboxes for latent threats and automatically removing them.

Cyren Inbox Security Process Wheel Constant Monitoring

Continuously scan for hidden email threats

Unlike other solutions that only inspect emails once, Cyren Inbox Security constantly monitors employee mailboxes for latent social engineering and evasive malware attacks.

  • Post-delivery analysis of email content and user context
  • Uses machine learning, heuristics, natural language processing, and behavior analytics to spot and learn from evasive attacks
  • Instant application of updated threat intelligence to already-delivered emails
  • Eliminate the reliance on users to report suspicious messages

Automatically deletes threats so you don’t have to

Powerful, automated incident response removes 97% of attacks from all affected mailboxes, saving security teams thousands of hours each year.

  • Automatically combines similar incidents into a single case
  • Removes threats from every mailbox
  • Prevents user access to malicious links and attachments
  • Reduces email incident response costs by over 91%

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The Missing Piece in Your
Security Awareness Program

Harness the wisdom of the crowd

Cyren keeps you ahead of email attacks with analysis from Cyren security researchers and our global customer base.

  • Informative banners and simple tools enable users to apply training in real-time and to real threats
  • On-demand scans of suspicious messages promote engagement and alertness
  • Cyren security researchers instantly apply lessons learned into global and customer-specific detection logic
  • Increase ROI of your security awareness training program

Managed email incident response

Our experts operate around the clock, every day, and every holiday to relieve your team from time consuming and stressful threat investigation and response.

  • Expert analysis of suspicious message indicators and user-submitted alerts.
  • Provides feedback to users to reduce false positives and encourage participation
  • 3.5 time faster Mean Time to Respond than in-house SOCs
  • Never investigate another suspicious email. Free your security team to focus on other priorities.

“Cyren’s IR team has shifted a huge burden from our shoulders to theirs.”

Damian Stalls

vCIO Director, Fluid Networks

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Try Cyren Inbox Security free for 30 days. See which threats you’ve been missing and lift the burden email incident investigation and response.

“We had an email gateway solution, but we were still riddled with phishing scams and handling an obscene number of tickets asking whether an email was legitimate. Our support desk spent 25% of its time just resolving email queries and threats. With Cyren Inbox Security, the time we spent resolving email queries and threats dropped by 40%.”

Wendi Iglesias, CIO at The Keyes Company

“I no longer deal with phishing emails. I log into the system just to see how much Cyren Inbox Security has taken off my team’s plate.”

Damian Stalls, vCIO Director @ Fluid Networks

“With Cyren’s automated detection and response capabilities, our team has become much more efficient and effective in neutralizing phishing attacks.”

Justas Narauskas, Manager, Cyber Defense Team at Sika Group

“Cyren is invaluable in today’s world. It gives hard-pushed admins intelligent, corporation-wide remediation for phishing emails that slip through traditional mail filters. Highly recommend.”

Peter Carr via Azure Marketplace


“We needed to further protect our users from malicious attacks. More importantly we needed a solution that required the least amount of involvement from our team. Cyren is the best inbox security for any organization.”

Review via Gartner Peer Insights

See how Cyren Inbox Security catches and removes email threats from Microsoft 365 mailboxes.