Anti-Malware Detection

Emerging threat detection for superior security.

Superior detection — Maximum performance

Cyren answers the increasing threat from malware with our proactive embedded anti-malware engine for email or web security that maximizes protection while minimizing the load placed on underlying devices or software. Features include:

  • Multi-layered detection for single or supplemental engine – Cyren Anti-Malware operates with heuristics, emulation, and signatures as a comprehensive single engine, or if you have a conventional antivirus, add Cyren Anti-Malware for a proactive approach to catching web or email malware. 
  • Certified technology – Cyren Anti-Malware maintains certifications from Virus Bulletin and ICSA Labs.
  • Low resource consumption & bandwidth – Low CPU and memory usage deliver deployments using only half the hardware of competitors; our engine and updates are <2MB so definition files can be compressed to 35MB.
  • Support for multiple types of embedded devices – Cyren technology quickly integrates into a product portfolio for a number of endpoints and applications, including:
    • Mobile security – Provide real-time protection from Android malware, phishing, and other web threats.
    • Infrastructure devices – Address the growing need for antivirus protection in infrastructure devices, such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) platforms, with improved detection and high performance.
    • Gateways – Cyren Anti-Malware only uses half the server processing load of other vendors due to low resource requirements and fast file processing. The result is high performance and industry-leading detection.
CRF Q1 2017 Report

Cyber Threat Report: The Malware Wars are Heating Up

Understand the different types of malware, gain insight into what’s new and of concern, and learn from an in-depth interview with anti-malware innovator and industry wise man Fridrik Skulason.


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Stop malware outbreaks at the onset. Designed for service providers and anti-spam and appliance vendors, this solution catches malware up to 30 hours earlier than other AV solutions.

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Learn how cloud-based pattern detection, combined with multi-layer file scanning, can stop malware outbreaks at any stage of the attack cycle, with Cyren's Antivirus for Email solution.

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Learn why criminals find phishing highly lucrative, how evasive phishing techniques are requiring new defensive strategies, and how you can protect your employees, operations, and reputation from a phishing attack.

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Differentiate yourself with superior security

Cyren Anti-Malware is the trusted embedded solution for many of the largest technology brands in the world and offers the best anti-malware option for hardware, software, and service providers needing a security solution combining superior detection and maximum performance. Benefits include:

  • Low resource – Cyren’s uniquely small footprint fits into any hardware or software environment – including mobile – without affecting performance.
  • Industry-leading protection – Cyren Anti-Malware is the same technology trusted by Microsoft, Google and others.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership – Cyren Anti-Malware combines other Cyren internet security services, such as URL Filtering, into a single unified engine.
  • Mobile market differentiation – Differentiate your product in the market at a fraction of the build price.
  • Flexible upgrades – Our Cyren unified engine is shared by Cyren Anti-Malware and other Cyren security services, allowing you to rapidly add new capabilities.
  • Partner-driven business model – Cyren offers flexible commercial arrangements and deployment models to fit your business needs.

What Cyren customers are saying...

Cyren detection technology enables industry-leading catch rates in our Forefront server security products. Cyren helps Microsoft deliver on its Business Ready Security strategy to enable customers to manage risk and empower their people.

John Chirapurath – Identity and Security Group, Microsoft

Powerful analytics detect malware instantly

Cyren Anti-Malware is powered by Cyren’s GlobalView™ security cloud infrastructure and patented Recurrent Pattern Detection™ technology. Cyren analyzes more than 25 billion internet transactions from more than 500,000 traffic collection points in 180 countries on a daily basis, providing real-time insight into online threat activity.

With Cyren Anti-Malware integrated into the vendor device or application, objects (files, web scripts, emails, etc.) are scanned and classified by our anti-malware engine. This enables you to delete or quarantine these objects and block malicious web scripts before they can impact your customers.  Cyren Anti-Malware can be deployed within multiple software applications and hardware platforms as diverse as UTMs, Network Attached Storage (NAS), network routers, and mobile platforms.

25B Security Transactions Daily

1.3B Users Protected

300M Threats Blocked Daily