Arming your team against inbox threats

With phishing attacks increasing in volume and growing ever more sophisticated, it’s going to take a different type of email security to clearly see what kind of threats your inbox is facing. Cyren’s Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) arms your team by continuously monitoring and detecting the phishing attacks landing in your inbox. It then takes immediate action to neutralise even the most advanced threats, saving you valuable time, effort and stress.

80% of all phishing victims

get hooked in the first 60 minutes of an attack

Phishing attacks
are getting more creative

There’ll always be threats landing in your inbox, especially now that phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated and evasive. And they’re costing businesses serious money too. Explore why this is happening and how Cyren’s automated IDR helps by simplifying and speeding up inbox remediation.

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Traditional email security is broken

When you think about the diversity and sheer volume of phishing attacks reaching your inbox, it becomes clear that a new kind of security solution is needed. Read on to find out how Cyren’s IDR can revolutionize your phishing defence strategy.

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Securing Sika

Sika is a specialty chemicals company that needed a better way to monitor and automatically remediate phishing emails from it’s Office 365 mailboxes. Find out how by deploying Cyren IDR, they were able to detect and remediate infected emails from every single mailbox worldwide and improve their threat intelligence.

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Big phish in real estate

Of all the cyber threats facing real estate companies, phishing is the most serious. And the Keyes Company, being Florida’s number one independent broker, was particularly susceptible. Find out Cyren’s IDR acted immediately to identify and resolve inbox phishing attacks, resulting in a 40% reduction in support tickets and remediation time.

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