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Cyren Threat Explorer

Cyren™ Threat Explorer is a self-service portal that provides security personnel with real-time access to Cyren’s GlobalView Threat Intelligence Platform. GlobalView analyzes billions of unique daily transactions across email, file and web and detects threats including spam, phishing and malware.  Cyren Threat Explorer enables the security analyst to upload a file or email object for analysis.  Using Threat Explorer, security teams gain valuable insight into the nature of a threat, enabling them to understand the overall scope of the threat and how it will behave in different environments.

Cyren Threat Explorer returns the most complete profile about the uploaded file or object, utilizing multiple analysis techniques including:

  • Hash Lookup Analysis: For files that Cyren has already analyzed and provided a verdict for, Threat Explorer can return results in milliseconds, including details about why a malicious verdict was given.
  • Static Analysis: Cyren uses a combination of heuristics techniques at the file and object level, identifying learned malicious behaviors.
  • Dynamic Analysis: Cyren’s patented Cloud Sandbox Array employs multiple detonation techniques to identify sophisticated malware. This method is especially effective for sophisticated malware containing complex evasion techniques.

Cyren Early Adopter Program for Threat Explorer

The Cyren Early Adopter (EA) Program provides selected organizations with early access to the new and  innovative Cyren threat intelligence and threat detection products and services before they become generally available.

Participants in the EA Program will have the opportunity to validate Cyren Threat Explorer with direct access and support from Cyren product experts and product management. This program provides Cyren direct access to your experience with Threat Explorer including usability, documentation and your experience with the product’s features and functions. The EA program accelerates development and the feedback from experienced users like you will enrich the product in the earliest stages. We learn from how you use the product and can adjust and improve for usability and workflow.

Why join?

  • Gain early access to Cyren innovation
  • Drive the product roadmap and vision
  • Interact directly with Cyren product management

As a participant in this program we will be asking you to speak with industry analysts and other companies considering the adoption of Threat Explorer. We always respect your time and privacy.


How It Works

  1. Apply to the program
  2. Receive confirmation of your participation
  3. Login and use Threat Explorer
  4. Provide feedback and report issues to the Cyren product team
  5. Optionally license the final release of the product at a discount

Participation criteria

During the Early Adopter phase, we are validating usability and scale. Threat Explorer is designed to handle hundreds or thousands of objects for analysis from one organization in a given month. Participating organizations should have experience with identifying threats requiring this type of analysis at this volume.

Cyren is offering two service locations for Threat Explorer, one in the US and the other in the EU.  As files, emails and URLs can contain PII (Personally Identifiable Information) the service location may be a concern to regulated companies. With this in mind the release dates for each service location follow:

  • US based service available starting July 1st 2020
  • EU based service available starting August 1st 2020

Please contact me about the Early Adopter program

Cyren Threat Explorer Early Adopter program participation is subject to qualifying criteria

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