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When Every Second Counts - Cyren Threat Explorer

Thousands of new types of malware are released every day.  Signature based detection and heuristics are effective against known malware, but zero day and evasive malware cannot be detected with these techniques alone.

To detect and stop malicious files in seconds, choose Cyren Threat Explorer. Threat Explorer is an advanced threat detection service delivering real-time analysis and detection of malicious content in executables, documents, and other objects.

Threat Explorer automatically chooses from multiple techniques to provide you with the most accurate result in the shortest amount of time. Threat Explorer includes

  • Hash based lookups
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Patented Cloud Sandbox Array

The Cloud Sandbox Array employs multiple detonation techniques to identify sophisticated malware having the most complex evasion techniques.

Threat Explorer provides an API interface for submitting nearly any object for analysis, using multiple analysis engines to provide accurate results faster. Zero day, or files with modified signatures or no signature at all are no match for Threat Explorer.

Threat Hunters, Security Analysts and Incident Responders Need Verdicts in Seconds, Not Minutes

The research shows a gap in skilled security talent that at the current rate won’t be filled in the next decade. Security teams are stretched to the limit and new threats are constantly emerging. Threat Explorer helps to fill the gap by providing immediate actionable verdicts on potentially malicious files.

New threats are most challenging - introducing a high degree of risk. As “new”, they can be overlooked or ignored. Even if threats are identified as malicious, there is often limited data provided to security analysts on how they might behave.

Threat Explorer answers the questions:
Block, quarantine or continue to investigate?

Cyren Threat Intelligence

Cyren sees more data - resulting in early and accurate detection of threats like phishing emails, malware in URLs and files and early indicators of virus outbreaks.

GlobalView supports a bi-directional flow of threat data – ingesting data from threat engines then pushing analyzed data or intelligence back to clients via Cyren SDKs, APIs and enterprise SaaS applications.

Cyren Threat Intelligence is selected by product managers, service providers, threat analysts, threat hunters and enterprise IT security.

Simple As 1–2–3


FAST THREAT LOOKUP enhances visibility to threats


STATIC ANALYSIS quickly corroborates the LOOKUP


DYNAMIC ANALYSIS initiates the sandbox array and determines risk profile

Expected response time for Dynamic Analysis is 90 seconds per query with detection accuracy of 99.9%

Cyren Sees More So You Can Do More - Faster

Cyren GlobalView provides sustained visibility into massive amounts of diverse data, collected from billions of transactions across the internet.

Cyren applies machine analytics and human insight analytics to detect threats hiding in plain sight, ensuring early detection. Early detection is critical to preventing business disruption and containing the cost of remediation.

Cyren provides global expertise - researchers and analysts constantly interacting with threat data to analyze and classify new threats - to make them known.

This is the Cyren difference – data, analytics and expertise – working together for you.

Product Managers And Service Providers Deploy Cyren Threat Explorer To Create Optimal Security Value For Customers. Customers Trust Products And Services With Threat Detection Capabilities.

A medical center conducting research on infectious diseases was experiencing phishing and malware outbreaks. Fearing ransomware and the risk of intellectual property theft, the medical center outsourced their SOC to a leading Managed Service Provider. The MSP was committed to reducing phishing, spam and malware. Operating on narrow margins and with high expectations, the MSP turned to Cyren for automated decision support and Cyren Threat Explorer to strengthen response to new threats. The medical center has been able to focus on life saving research. The MSP has been able to exceed expectations and optimize staffing resources. They are confident that details on threat and threat behavior are only minutes away.

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