Threat InDepth™ – The Daily Dose Of Intelligence You Need To Detect And Protect.

Threat InDepth – improve on flat feeds with Cyren’s actionable intelligence

Cyren automates daily analysis of billions of internet transactions in both web and email traffic.

Cyren extracts URLs from this traffic, classifying and analyzing URLs within seconds. Cyren threat intelligence is delivered as Threat InDepth via an API over HTTPS and by pulling a snapshot and delta files via FTP.

Threat InDepth provides comprehensive, multi-dimensional presentation of critical threat characteristics for:

  • Phishing and fraud
  • IP Reputation
  • Malware
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Threat InDepth

  • Makes detection engines smarter
  • Informs threat hunters on what may be hiding in plain sight
  • Enables threat analysts to improve the efficacy of threat response

Cyren Sees More So You Can Do More - Faster

Cyren GlobalView provides sustained visibility into massive amounts of diverse data, collected from billions of transactions across the internet.

Cyren applies machine analytics and human insight analytics to detect threats hiding in plain sight, ensuring early detection. Early detection is critical to preventing business disruption and containing the cost of remediation.

Cyren provides global expertise - researchers and analysts constantly interacting with threat data to analyze and classify new threats - to make them known.

This is the Cyren difference – data, analytics and expertise – working together for you.

Explore Other Cyren Products Used To Increase The Speed And Accuracy Of Threat Detection.

Cyren Inbox Security for Office 365

Provides front line threat intelligence to minimize phishing attacks in the inbox account. Right sized for every enterprise, Inbox Security operates at the inner layer of email security and enlists users in the war against phishing with one click defense.

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Cyren Threat Engines

Provides product managers and service providers with SDKs and APIs to integrate threat detection into products and services. Threat Engines are available for Email Security, Malware Detection and Web Security.

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Cyren Threat Explorer

Provides an API to multi-layered object analysis and automated Cyren Sandbox Array. Threat analysts move from a simple look up to static and dynamic analysis to understand new threats and learn more about the behavior of all threats.

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3 Pillars Of Cyren Threat Intelligence


Cyren provides sustained visibility to massive amounts of data collected from billions of internet transactions daily. The data includes detailed characteristics of for all types of threats. Cyren Threat Intelligence Lifecycle powers automated and continuous classification and analysis of all types of threat related data. No company sees more threats than Cyren.


Cyren GlobalView applies machine analytics to automatically transform data into actionable insights for tech companies, service providers and enterprises. As the threat landscape has changed, Cyren developed specialized analytics to detect new types of attacks. Customers rely on Cyren threat detection to improve the quality and speed of threat response.


Cyren relies on the expertise of dedicated researchers, analysts and domain specialists. These experts are hyper focused on new threats and use proprietary tools and processes, like Cyren’s unique threat sandbox, for early and accurate detection. Cyren combines human insight analytics with machine analytics to detect threats, known and new, in just seconds to minutes.

Threat Analysts Choose Cyren Threat InDepth To Understand The Multiple Dimensions Of Threats And Improve Response To Threats Today And In The Future.

A multi-national service provider was spending more every year on threat feeds in hopes of accelerating threat analysis and incident response. The threat feeds were updated frequently, but the one-dimensional lists served as pointers but provided little insight into threat characteristics could provide actionable insight or decision support. The MSP agreed to compare Cyren Threat InDepth for Phishing to the threat feeds packaged with their gateway. In a matter of hours, they were able to use Threat InDepth to accelerate response to threats they had not seen before and in days were able to utilize Cyren Threat InDepth to conduct proactive research to isolate vulnerable assets that were under attack.

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