Malware Detection Engine

Analytics Is Faster, More Accurate

Computers Aren’t Secure And Remote Workers Are At Risk.
Malware Is Constantly Evolving To Evade Detection.
We Want You To Detect Malware – Regardless Of Source Or Purpose.

Cyren OEMs the Malware Detection Engine to product managers and service providers. Businesses trust products and services with threat detection capabilities. Malware detection minimizes vulnerability to threats found in gateways, firewalls, UTMs, NAS, embedded operating system devices and mobile devices, appliances and mobile platforms. Service providers integrate the Malware Detection Engine with messaging, email and web services.

  • Detect malware as much as 30 hours earlier than other providers using conventional signatures
  • Detects email borne malware using email and structure patterns, resulting in zero minute detection with 99.9% accuracy
  • Clean file processing- 90% of files scanned are clean and Cyren make fast decisions about clean files, freeing up resources to focus on malicious files

Cyren Threat Intelligence Powers The Malware Detection Engine

Cyren Malware Detection Engine provides two complimentary products:

  • Anti-malware SDK
  • Virus Outbreak Detection API

The Malware Detection Engine employs a number of scanners: PDF/text, completed file, encrypted file, polymorphic and Android scanner. Fast and accurate detection relies on analytics and automation: heuristic analysis, advanced emulation and intelligent signatures.

The quality of Cyren’s threat intelligence stems from our ability to continuously refresh data stored in GlobalView and the way we integrate expertise and analytics to transform the data into actionable intelligence.

Cyren Malware Detection Engine - Accurate And Fast

  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Extensible: integrates into multiple software applications and hardware platforms including UTMs, NAS, network routers, mobile platforms
  • Optimized for i386, x86_64 and ARM and is multi-platform
  • Integrates easily with .NET or script interfaces with native Windows COM interfaces
  • Available plug ins for Sendmail or Postfix based servers
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Catching Malware at the beginning is critical: Cyren's heuristic technology detects malware as much as 30 hours earlier than 90% of signatures released by top AV providers.

Cyren Email Security Engine Simply Does More

Your customers choose and trust solutions with strong threat detection capabilities like Cyren

Engineers appreciate Cyren’s fresh threat intelligence: increases productivity and lowers operational costs

Improves time to market: –choosing Cyren SDKs keeps your focus on delivering unique value

Low TCO: high performance with minimal maintenance – Cyren threats continually refresh and update

Cyren Sees More So You Can Do More - Faster

Cyren GlobalView provides sustained visibility into massive amounts of diverse data, collected from billions of transactions across the internet.

Cyren applies machine analytics and human insight analytics to detect threats hiding in plain sight, ensuring early detection. Early detection is critical to preventing business disruption and containing the cost of remediation.

Cyren provides global expertise - researchers and analysts constantly interacting with threat data to analyze and classify new threats - to make them known.

This is the Cyren difference – data, analytics and expertise – working together for you.

Product Managers And Service Providers Deploy Cyren Threat Engines To Create Optimal Security Value For Their Customers. Customers Trust Products And Services With Threat Detection Capabilities.

This independent service vendor (ISV) understood that enterprise customers expected high performance networking and consistent enterprise grade security to support mission critical applications. Malware detection was a ‘must have’ – unanswered attacks were not acceptable. The ISV needed to ensure they would meet SLAs and earn the customer’s trust. The ISV elected to implement the Cyren Malware Detection Engine with an anti-malware SDK and virus outbreak detection API. The ISV has experienced no attrition resulting from security incidents.

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