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Phishing never stops, neither should your security

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Deploy a layer of email security directly in the inbox

Secure Email Gateways are struggling to protect against today’s sophisticated email threats. The solution is to deploy a layer of security directly in the mailbox. By fully integrating with Office 365, Cyren Inbox Security:

  • Automatically identifies evasive phishing attacks through continuous monitoring of every email in every user’s mailbox
  • Detects account takeover via AI-powered mailbox behaviour analysis that monitors all user interactions in the mailbox and identifies anomalies
  • Removes the burden on the IT and SOC teams by automatically remediating threats from all inboxes, eliminating the need for manual analysis, response and remediation for most incidents
  • When needed, enables rapid investigation, containment, and response to all security incidents
  • Is easy to deploy, you'll be up and protecting all mailboxes in minutes

Cyren Inbox Security Datasheet
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Raise the bar against new and evolving threats

Three Cyren technologies combine to continuously monitor, detect and automatically remediate threats in your Office 365 inboxes.

  • Sender Behavior Analysis detects impostor, spoofed or highly targeted spear phishing emails that have made it into the inbox by using header analysis, cousin or lookalike domain detection, and natural language processing. 
  • URL Behavior Analysis protects users from phishing sites by extracting URLs from emails and dynamically examining the destination web page for evidence that it might be malicious. These credential-stealing phishing sites are often the first stage of a business email compromise (BEC) or account takeover attack.
  • Mailbox Behavior Analysis profiles mailboxes to create a baseline of trusted behaviors and relationships and applies machine learning to update that profile. Mailboxes are then continuously monitored for anomalous behaviours and predictive analytics are used to detect threats.

Email defense-in-depth: how and where to block email threats.
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Reduce the burden on your IT team and SOC analysts

Email administrators and Security Operations Center analysts spend hours each day manually analyzing phishing emails and writing scripts to remediate incidents. By automating response and remediation of phishing threats and integrating users into the automated process, Cyren Inbox Security:

  • Dramatically reduces the burden on analysts, grouping and prioritizing incidents into cases to help analysts rapidly contain and respond to the most dangerous threats to their organization. 
  • Reduces the risk associated with successful phishing attacks by automatically remediating threats from every mailbox across the business.
  • Automatically deletes the most dangerous threats while reducing false positives, with policy-based remediation choices.
  • Allows admins and analysts to rapidly investigate, contain, respond to and remediate threats with incident/case management workflow

Cyren Inbox Security for Office 365
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Make users part of the solution

Cyren Inbox Security makes your users part of the solution – not the problem. It provides an easy-to-use framework that helps users make easy and informed decisions about how to proceed with suspicious messages, captures crowd-sourced intelligence, and provides a workflow for clear and quick admin management, featuring:   

  • An Office 365/Outlook "button" that allows users to quickly report suspicious emails 
  • User-initiated instant re-scanning capability allows users to save time and make more informed decisions, while reducing unnecessary admin response workload
  • Automated correlation of user phishing reports to aid classification and reinforce machine learning
  • Reinforcement of complementary simulated phishing campaign training programs

Get email defense-in-depth in minutes

Powered by the Cyren GlobalView security cloud, Cyren Inbox Security brings advanced email threat protection to the Office 365 inbox, providing an independent, additional layer of protection. Cyren Inbox Security fills the email security gaps by offering continuous monitoring, response and remediation – something the secure email gateway cannot achieve, as it sees the email at one single point in time.

  • Cyren Inbox Security offers complementary protection and unique capabilities that are impossible to provide at the SEG
  • Deployed in minutes, to protect all your users or just those most vulnerable and targeted
  • No data residency concerns – deploys into an Azure region of your choice

25B Security Transactions Daily

1.3B Users Protected

300M Threats Blocked Daily