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Internet security is a race against time. From the moment an attack is launched, there are only minutes to identify and block it. Legacy appliances rely on constant updates to detect new threats. But in reality, most updates arrive too late, leaving companies exposed for hours, days, or sometimes even weeks.

A new approach is needed. Cyren is moving internet security to the cloud, where security is always updated and protection happens in real time. The Cyren security cloud is first to discover and block emerging threats, based on daily analysis of more than 25 billion web, email, and DNS transactions from around the world.

Using cloud-scale Big Data analytics and machine learning, Cyren is able to spot and stop any new threat, permutation, or variation in seconds.

This is why Cyren is able to block cyber threats before they reach users.

Cyren. First to Detect, First to Protect.

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Cyren’s cloud-based secure email gateway filters inbound and outbound email to protect users from cyber threats and spam.

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