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Cyren Newsletter | May 2017

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Cyren Internet Security Detects and Blocks WannaCry Ransomware Worm

The WannaCry (aka WannaCrypt) ransomware exploded on the scene last weekend and has spread to over 100,000 organizations in over 150 countries -- get background at our blog here. Cyren is detecting and blocking over 300 variants of WannaCry delivered over web and email channels, and our global security cloud continues to protect users from new variants as they appear. You can read about it and further steps you should take to protect your business in a special customer update issued by Cyren:

Cyren Customer Alert on WannaCry Ransomware

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Google Docs Attack Shows Need for Automated Security

The Google Docs attack that accessed users’ contact lists was the talk of the security blogosphere and even mainstream media two weeks ago. It was called an email phishing attack by many and argued to be a worm by others, but everyone agrees that what is disturbing about the attack was the way in which the attackers disguised it -- the user only ever saw and interacted with the usual, legitimate Google app permissions process. The attack further underlines the limits of hoping for the best with users, and the need for automated, layered gateway security even if you’re relying on a webmail service like Gmail or Office 365 for your business.

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Secure your place for our first IT security seminar in Germany today!

This free seminar near Frankfurt am Main offers you an exclusive insight into how our unified, globally operated cloud platform, supporting web security, email security, DNS security, and cloud sandboxing services, can protect your business and any user on any device from the latest cyber threats – anywhere.

June 1, 2017


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Start Your Self-Service Web Security Trial in 3 Minutes!

If you’re wondering what security in the cloud looks like and if it’s as easy and powerful as it seems, don’t hesitate to try a free 30-day trial of Cyren Web Security. Like any SaaS offering, we’ve made it easy to try out our subscription web security service -- you can get started in less than 3 minutes, with no obligation. The process is totally automated -- just a short registration form, verify your email, choose a password, and -- voilà! -- you’re into your admin console and can add as few or many users as you like, use standard policy templates or customize your own, etc. Great security shouldn’t be complicated, it should just be secure.


Cyren In The News

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The notorious family of banking trojans, a Dridex attack scheme targeted at stealing UK users online banking credentials was detected this week (and is being blocked) by Cyren's security cloud.
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Cyren is now detecting fresh outbreaks of Cerber ransomware being distributed using variants of a popular malware distribution tool known as “Nemucod”.
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This versatile keylogger malware is being delivered as an attachment to phony bank transfer emails, which inform the recipient that they have received a deposit.

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