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Cyren Newsletter | April 2017

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Cyren Launches Unified Internet Security

Enterprise-grade web and email security just got simpler and better — a tough combination! On March 26, we released our upgraded Cyren Cloud Security 4.0 global service platform, which will help companies close security gaps while massively simplifying their Internet security management. This SaaS security platform deepens the integration of our cloud-based web security, email security, DNS security and sandboxing services to give even faster threat detection and deeper cross-channel threat protection capabilities. It also streamlines security administration for customers with notable new features like a single admin console for all services, a common policy framework across web and email security, a unified threat dashboard, reporting, and unified user onboarding.

With this release we also significantly upgraded our Cyren Email Security advanced threat protection, adding in-line cloud sandboxing as an additional security layer, and added Shadow IT discovery capabilities and reporting to Cyren Web Security. More details at this blog entry, and if you’d like to see it for yourself, try our self-service trial.

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Mayflex Case: Customer Solves Web & Email Security

Read about Mayflex, an IT products distributor, which has been successful in moving its security to the cloud, adopting both Cyren web and email security. Prior to the switch, Mayflex had been dealing with security appliance service outages, infected employee laptops entering its network, and the distraction of staff time spent on constant admin and policy configuration changes.


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Confronting the Ransomware Crisis: Best Practices for Securing Your Business
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Live Webinar May 3, 2017

Is It Time to Move Your Security to the Cloud?

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Cerber and other ransomware groups are now offering Ransomware-as-a-Service, giving affiliates/partners a percentage of the collected ransom.
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Cyren is now detecting fresh outbreaks of Cerber ransomware being distributed using variants of a popular malware distribution tool known as “Nemucod”.
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This versatile keylogger malware is being delivered as an attachment to phony bank transfer emails, which inform the recipient that they have received a deposit.
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French Ministry “Survey” Delivers Macro Backdoor

Thinking of moving to France? Soyez très prudent! That form you're busy filling out may be uploading and downloading files, exfiltrating data, doing reconnaisance of your network — or worse.



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