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Cyber Security Newsletter | August 2019


9.1% of Email Delivered Shouldn’t Be

A new report from Cyren reveals that 9.1% of email delivered to users after being scanned by their company’s current email security solution was spam, phishing, or contained malware or links to malware.

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The report summarizes the results from a series of email threat assessments Cyren conducted at numerous companies, in which Cyren examined 4.2 million emails that were classified as clean by the existing email security systems and delivered to user mailboxes. Solutions tested ranged from hosted email services with included security filtering to on-premises email security gateways.


Case Study: Office 365 Testing Resets Security Strategy

High Power Technical Services, with 13 offices serving the Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana region, was running on-premises Microsoft Exchange with a cloud-based email security service when they got hit by a successful Business Email Compromise attack. This led to implementation of user training and a reconsideration of their corporate email configuration.

The IT Infrastructure Manager was previously studying a migration to Office 365, a move the company went ahead and made with the intention of relying on Office 365’s native security. Their experience led them to conduct an assessment of Office 365’s security performance, and to the decision to add an additional layer of security.

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Live Webinar: Adding Third-party Capabilities to Office 365

September 19, 2019

Osterman Research will publish a new report based on a survey of organizations using Office 365 combined with additional technical analysis of Office 365’s features and functions. In this webinar, Michael Osterman will review the report’s data and conclusions and provide insights on when and where companies should consider third-party solutions for Office 365. A complimentary copy of the report will be provided to all webinar attendees.

Interactive Technical Product Tour: Cyren Email Security, DNS Security & Cloud Sandboxing

Multiple Date & Time Options Available

In this webinar, Cyren discusses all possible threats that potentially can harm your business, and which solutions will protect you from these cyber attacks. You will also have the opportunity to talk to one of our Senior Solutions Engineers and ask technical questions specific to your business needs.

Wie die neuesten Phishing-Methoden Ihre vorhandene Security täuscht

September 18, 2019

In diesem Webinar führen wir unsere Teilnehmer durch Beispiele von E-Mail-Phishing-Angriffen, welche sich selbst verschleiernde Techniken anwenden. Außerdem besprechen wir, wie diese Techniken in Phishing-Baukästen und Phishing-as-a-Service-Angeboten integriert und im Darknet sowie im offenen Internet angeboten werden. Erhalten Sie als Teilnehmer einen Einblick darüber, wie evasive Phishing sich gerade in einer ähnlichen Weise weiterentwickelt, wie es vorher bei evasive Malware der Fall war.


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More Live And Virtual Events Hosted By Cyren

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Upcoming Event: Cyren Golf Day

19 September 2019 | The Oxfordshire Golf Club | Thame, United Kingdom 

In the morning, golf with us and then in the late afternoon you will get a preview of our new vision for email security: Cyren Inbox Security.

Cyren Inbox Security protects against today’s evasive phishing by deploying a layer of email security directly in the inbox. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Upcoming Event: Midsize Enterprise Summit (MES)

September 15-17, 2019 | Phoenix, Arizona

MES brings together IT Executives from 200 mid-market sized organizations across the US & Canada for 2½ days of peer networking across multiple industries, educational content on market trends and leadership strategy, and access to the latest technology and technology providers.

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Upcoming Event: Digital Transformation Expo

October 9-10, 2019 | Excel London | Booth F30

This year, Cyren is hyper-focused on addressing the rise of evasive phishing with our 100% cloud solutions for businesses, security integrators, and service providers.

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