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Cyren Newsletter | April 2019


Case Study: Advanced Threat Protection for Office 365

Senior staff members of Menin Hospitality of Miami, Florida, came under attack from targeted phishing emails that were not being detected by the native security in Office 365. The emails used spoofed sender addresses, so that they appeared to have been sent from internal users. Seth Wasserman, VP of IT, felt it was time to execute a contingency plan and evaluate advanced threat protection solutions for Office 365. Menin prioritized finding a solution with rapid speed-of-detection and time-to-protection, but ideally with minimal configuration and management overhead, so as not to divert the team from their day-to-day tasks. They shortlisted three vendors... 

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Webinar: New Attack Vectors - How Threats Have Changed and How to Combat Them 

In this webinar, Senior Solutions Engineer Tom McNash will review how new threat attack vectors are working, how cyber criminals are building threats in new ways today - whether for malware, phishing or denial-of-service attacks - and what security approach businesses need to be adapting to defend against these attacks. He will also explain how the profile of attackers targeting businesses is changing, and how one traditional form of defense against sophisticated attacks - the appliance sandbox - has itself become the object of attacks. 


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A lot of phishing is moving the embedded links the recipient is intended to click on from the body of the email into an attachment, in order to increase the odds of evading detection and, we theorize, as a kind of “social engineering” ploy to move the user along quickly and get them into a clicking frame of mind.

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Event: Infosecurity 2019

June 4-6, 2019 – Olympia, London, UK

Join Cyren at Infosecurity 2019 at Booth C205 and why not book a personal demo with our security experts now?

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On-Demand Webinar: Why You Need Third-Party Solutions for Office 365

This on-demand webinar covers security feature and performance gaps in Office 365 companies should consider shoring up.

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Live Webinar [German]:Phishing Angriffe geringer Aufwand, große Auswirkungen

Join us for an upcoming webinar covering Phishing attacks and what impact it could have on companies.  

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Cyren In The News

Mike Myshrall, Cyren’s CFO, was the invited guest on the “CFO Thought Leader” podcast on March 27. In the podcast, Mike discusses Cyren’s recent investment from private equity powerhouse Warburg Pincus, and shares his thoughts on managing the financial affairs of a global company.