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Cyren Newsletter | January 2019


Why Your Company Needs Third-Party Solutions for Office 365

Did you know that 37 percent of the typical Office 365 budget will be spent on third-party solutions in 2019? In a new white paper, Osterman Research provides a detailed analysis of Office 365 functionality in the areas of security, archiving and content management. The 22-page report covers what Office 365 and Office 365 ATP do and don’t do, and highlights where and why IT managers and email administrators need to consider reinforcing the platform with specialized capabilities.

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Webinar: How to Choose the Right Email & Web Security to Complement Office 365 

Getting the right email and web security means asking the right questions and understanding your real needs. For companies that have migrated to Office 365 or are planning to, the choices available are many and confusing. This webinar will provide a framework for making the most informed decision, along with a practical checklist for getting your security right. 

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Criminals are nothing if not financial opportunists, and the boom in phishing has been like a cybercrime gold rush: while some are panning for gold, others are selling the tools and equipment. In 2018, the underground phishing economy has come of age, with the evolution of phishing kits offering spoofed web pages – basic ‘equipment’ for any phishing attack – a prime example.
Phishing emails targeting Office 365 customers are increasing dramatically and are the top source of security breaches, according to a new Osterman Research survey commissioned by Cyren. Fifty-four percent of copmanies using Office 365 as their corporate email platform reported at least one successful phishing attack during the past 12 months, although usually far more than one—the average number of phishing breaches reported was 11.7.

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OnDemand Webinar: Phishing Security for Office 365

In this webinar, Osterman Research’s principal analyst share insights from a recent study of Office 365 deployments, and Cyren’s global director of solution engineering walk through the phishing kill chain and point to practical opportunities to enhance defenses .

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Webinar Series: Technical Product Tour 

Join us for a live and interactive demonstration of Cyren's unified cloud security platform. 

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