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Cyren Newsletter | December 2018


Phishing Top Source of Breaches for Office 365

A new report says that 54 percent of organizations using Office 365 suffered, on average, 11.7 successful phishing attacks during the past year, making phishing the top source of breaches. This is unsurprising considering that half of the IT professionals surveyed said that both phishing and spearphishing emails reaching their users are up significantly over the past 12 months, on average 25 percent.

This despite significant increases in security spending, detailed in the report, IT Security: Office 365 Benchmarking Survey, which was commissioned by Cyren and published in October by Osterman Research. It is intended for IT and security professionals managing Office 365 deployments who’d like to benchmark their own email and web security planning with answers from their peers.


Case Study: Global Company Adds Email Time-of-Click Protection

FINEOS has been providing billing, claims and policy administration software to insurers for over 20 years, and grew increasingly concerned about advanced threats reaching their users, both for the company's own security and, by extension, to protect their financial industry customers.

Don’t miss this short two-page case study providing a synopsis of the security challenges FINEOS found itself facing, and the resulting improvements they were able to quantify -- some unforeseen, like a 65% reduction in overall email load -- after deploying Cyren Email Security as a layer of advanced threat protection.

And if you’d like to find out how best to combat phishing and malware in your own Office 365 deployment with Cyren Email Security, you can learn more on that here.

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Email Security Gap Analysis: Aggregated Results

Cyren examined 2.7 million inbound emails at companies using various email security solutions to measure any possible “security gaps” in their protection and identify any potential risks. Solutions tested ranged from hosted email services with included security filtering to on-premises email security gateways.


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The first Yuletide-related malware campaign has already been spotted. There’s always an expected and monumental amount of consumer spam and phishing in the run-up to Black Friday and then Christmas itself, but we’ve found one malware author getting into the Christmas “spirit” in late October.
We came across an e-mail with an Excel Workbook attachment, which upon first inspection appears to be password-protected. The presence of the EncryptedPackage stream in an OLE2 document indicates that it is protected by a password, which obviously would require the user to enter one in order to open the document properly.

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Evasive Phishing Targeting Office 365: What You Need to Know

In this webinar, Cyren’s senior threat analysts explain the latest phishing techniques and dissect examples of Office 365-targeted phishing campaigns, review how the phishing “industry” works today, and align these developments with data from a recent survey of Office 365 deployments, in order to inform Office 365 administrators and IT managers as they choose among approaches to security.

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