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Cyber Security Newsletter | December 2017

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Phishing attacks are a major concern, but how can IT managers measure the risk and build the business case for better security? A new report from Derek Brink, a top security analyst at The Aberdeen Group, estimates the median annual business impact of a phishing breach at $260,000; gives the odds on the “long tail” risk of a catastrophic breach; and calculates the ROI on investing in improved security.

Brink also frames the problem faced by email and web security systems very clearly, providing data on the speed of attacks, which on average hook 80% of their victims in the first hour, and he discusses the type of security required to block these phishing campaigns as they first emerge.

Download a complimentary copy of the report.

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10.5% of Email Reaching Users is Spam or Malicious

Over the years, email security became a bit of a commodity, but now a lot of people are wondering if their email security is really stopping new phishing and ransomware threats. Cyren has aggregated data from email security assessments done in September and October and produced a report with the results, which show how much malware, phishing and spam are getting through to users, even after being inspected by existing security.

The study revealed that of 11.7 million emails delivered to users, company’s in-place security missed over 30,000 phishing emails and 5,000 malware attachments -- small on a percentage basis, but it translates to hundreds of such threats getting through every month. The report also has some mini-case studies which show how results can vary company-to-company, even when they have the same security solution deployed. The report is a quick read with a good summary graphic.


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