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The Cost of All Those Phishing Alerts

The #1 concern for security managers in 2022, is the amount of time analysts will spend investigating suspicious messages and remediating confirmed threats. Use our calculator to find out your email incident response costs.

Looking For A New Anti-Malware Engine?

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Cyren has made it easy to switch with migration guides and friendly timelines. Our malware detection engine is fast, accurate and does not compromise privacy.

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How a Stolen Phone Can Spawn Phishing Attacks

Cyren Threat Researchers investigated a targeted phishing incident that started with the theft of a mobile phone. Read this report to learn the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by criminals in the real and digital worlds.


Cybersecurity Blog Posts

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The Cost of NOT getting phished
Low security maturity leads to high phishing incident response costs. Find out how to reduce them.

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Email Warning Banners

Are email warning banners misused? Cyren Inbox Security only displays a banner when necessary.

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Anti-Phishing Software Solutions: What Are They?

Phishing activity is not going away anytime soon. Organizations must have an anti-phishing strategy. 

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[On-Demand] The Hidden Costs of Phishing & BEC

Odds are your security team spends too much of its time investigating and responding to suspicious message alerts. Watch this On-Demand webinar to find out how you can dramatically reduce your incident response time. 


Cyren In The News

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