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Cyren Newsletter | January 2022

The Thrill of the Chase

Cyren & KnowBe4 Partner To Fight Phishing & BEC

Cyren has integrated our anti-phishing solution, Cyren Inbox Security, with KnowBe4's security awareness training platform. Read this blog for a rundown of how harmonizing user education, advanced threat detection, and automated remediation increases security maturity, and eliminates the time-suck of investigating suspicious messages and cleaning up attacks. 

Most Downloaded Content of 2021

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Find out why Microsoft 365 Defender needs specialized add-ons to address targeted phishing

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Cyren threat researchers provide an in-depth review of a successful phishing campaign

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Learn how to empower employees to be part of the solution to business email compromise

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Find out how inbox detection and incident response complements SEGs and Microsoft 365 Defender

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A new vision for phishing defense: continuous email monitoring and detection at the inbox is the way forward

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Cyren Inbox Security Provided an ROI Within Two Months of Deploying It
“It was a no brainer to select the Cyren solution once we realized the time it would save the IT team and the risk reduction it provides... ''
Michael Miller, Director of Information Technology at Fleet Response. 


Top Webinars of 2021

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Alerts Don't Remediate Themselves

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How To Remediate Office 365 Phishing Failures

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Analysis of Phishing Kits

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Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2021

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How Cyren Inbox Security Compares to Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) and Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
Cyren Inbox Security uses specialized detection and automated remediation to solve targeted phishing in which SEGs and ATP fail to do.

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Phishing By The Numbers - The Industry Edition 

During the month of October, our research team looked at the threat types and threat velocity across different industries. 

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How Scammers Leverage Email Delivery Services To Their Advantage

This blog focusses on how criminals take advantage of email delivery services (SendGrid, MailChimp & MailJet) to launch attacks.

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Safe Links In Office 365

Don't let safe links give you a false sense of security. 

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See why more than 1.3 billion users rely on Cyren to protect them against sophisticated phishing attacks.


Cyren In The News

Cyren Launches Community Edition of its URL Classification Engine
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