Phishing: today's #1 cybersecurity threat

A recent Cyren survey found that phishing is the number one cybersecurity attack concerning IT professionals and security analysts. This is hardly surprising given 65% experienced an increase in attacks in the last year. And it was not just mass mailer type attacks, but also spear phishing, such as business email compromise (BEC). In an alert published in July 2018, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center stated that, between June 2016 and May 2018, victims of BEC fraud reported losses of $3.3B.

IT Security in the UK & Ireland Survey


This 2018 Osterman Research Survey reveals how your peers are combatting threats like the latest phishing attacks.

Cyren Special Report on Phishing


From targeted attacks to high-velocity phishing, gain insight on the global rise of phishing attacks.

20 Minute Webinar: Stop Phishing Attacks


Learn how phishing works, how to identify phishing emails and websites, and best practices you can take to stop these attacks.

Improve your phishing protection level

Password Management

Use password manager that creates different and unique passwords for every site.

Two-Factor Authentication

Require staff to use two different components for login, such as a PIN or password and something he possesses (a phone).

Automated Detection

Use email security gateway with real-time phishing intelligence that draws from large data sources and analytics and provides continuous protection from emerging threats.