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Bad Rabbit Ransomware is Rebuilt NotPetya

by Magni Reynir Sigurðsson

The current "Bad Rabbit" ransomware outbreak has been generating quite a bit of news, with some conflicting accounts of its origin. Clarifying here that Bad Rabbit is a variant of the “NotPetya” ransomware, which we covered in a blog earlier this year.

Bank Phishing Scam Is Using Shortened Links

by Lordian Mosuela

Earlier this month, we witnessed a phishing attack on bank customers in Malaysia which combines some common social engineering techniques (scare tactics) with some newer technical misdirection techniques (URL shortening), and decided to provide a detailed blow-by-blow for you below on how this particular phishing campaign works.

Email Malware without Macros or Attachments — Beware Rogue Outlook Meeting Invites

by Maharlito Aquino and Kervin Alintanahin

A new security vulnerability found in the Microsoft Office Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol is allowing malware authors to send “macro-less” malicious attachments and potentially even “attachment-less” malicious emails and calendar invites. The implications here are significant, given that many of today’s security solutions rely on the ability to identify and halt malicious macros usually found in attached documents.

Cyren Adds Email Archiving To SaaS Security Platform

by Duncan Mills

The Cyren Email Archiving service protects business messages and simplifies regulatory compliance. The service is offered as part of Cyren’s enterprise security platform, which integrates web security, email security, DNS security, cloud sandboxing and now, email archiving, on a single globally-operated Security-as-a-Service platform.

Why Choose Integrated Email Security and Archiving?

by Duncan Mills

Email archiving has grown in popularity in the last fifteen years and is now a multi-billion dollar market. It has evolved from an essential on-premises product for highly regulated industries to mainstream adoption in the cloud. 

Malware Goes Currency Mining with Your CPU

by Maharlito Aquino and Kervin Alintanahin

If you find your CPU spiking — or, if you're an IT manager, that of your users — while browsing some website, it may be you’ve just loaned your computer resources to a virtual currency mining operation.