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Diamond studded cell phones and other CeBIT wonders


Among the diamond covers for mobile phones all the way to the best of breed technology from Iran, the traditional security hall at Cebit has stretched to almost 3 halls and some vendors are extended out to the prestigious hall … Continue reading →

A war between good and evil


Anti-virus leaders Kaspersky and F-Secure paint a grim picture of the battle against malware. Reporting from CeBIT, the article describes an overwhelming ‘avalanche’ of malicious code. Read what Mikko Hypponen and Kaspersky himself had to say in the Deutsche Welle … Continue reading →

CeBIT Madness


Our International Business Development team is in the midst of the monster of IT events, CeBIT in Hannover Germany. F-Secure’s CEO described the experience and provided an illustrative photo on the F-Secure blog: It is that time of the year … Continue reading →

Amir Lev predicts spammers will use handwritten images & audio


Image spam tricks spam filters, clogs networks  By Sue Hildreth, contributor 15 Mar 2007 |  “A picture is worth a thousand words,” goes the old saying. What is true in art and journalism is proving equally apt in the … Continue reading →

Microsoft OneCare is Eating Outlook Mail


More sour news for Microsoft’s managed security service OneCare. The overzealous quarantine has reported to be swallowing clean mail files. “OneCare seems to have deleted my Outlook.pst file,” posted a user with the handle of Richard.Potthoff. “Is there a chance … Continue reading →

SEC Freezes Hi-Tech Pump and Dump Scheme


“These perpetrators effectively cut out the middleman of the old-fashioned pump-and-dump scheme, eliminating phony stock promotions, creating their own artificial trading demand, and consummating their fraud in as little time as a couple of hours.” - SEC Office of Internet … Continue reading →