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Google blocking google as spam?

by Cyren Security Blog

It’s not nice to talk about the performance of other anti-spam engines, but this false positive is just too cute to ignore. One our engineers pointed out to me how ironic it was that Gmail had blocked two of his … Continue reading →

Math vs. Spam

by Cyren Security Blog

Jared Saia, assistant professor of computer science at the University of New Mexico School of Engineering is using mathematics to construct a defense against the spammers, hackers, worm builders, virus constructors and all the other villains of the virtual world. … Continue reading →

Year of the Spam Pig for China

by Cyren Security Blog

Bruce Einhorn’s article in Business Week entitled No Holiday for China’s Spam Fighters ,outlines how “Chinese officials are trying to combat Internet fraud, but in a nation reliant on unprotected, pirated software, they still have a long way to go”

“Five Things You Should Know About Fighting Spam” – CIO

by Cyren Security Blog

The following article: “Getting Clueful: Five Things You Should Know About Fighting Spam” gives a great 50,000 foot (ok, maybe even 100,000 foot) level overview about spam-fighting. It’s got some great tips for IT folks to prepare for their next … Continue reading →

New Worm Detection Technology

by Cyren Security Blog

Penn State University researches say they have developed anti-malware technology that can identify and contain worms in milliseconds rather than minutes. The name of this new technology is Proactive Worm Containment, and it focuses on analyzing packet rate, frequency of … Continue reading →

A Dying Breed, ….the cause, Zombies!

by Cyren Security Blog

Some interesting trends are becoming pretty apparent in the messaging security arena.  The one that I’d like to point out here is the use of robots or zombies being used to distribute email threats.  This phenomena is definitely making it’s … Continue reading →