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Happy New Year


To our friends, colleagues and partners in Israel and throughout the world celebrating Rosh Hashana, best wishes for a sweet, healthy New Year.

Hijacking legitimate sites in spam


We came across a very well-built spam attack that uses a different link for every item, and each link leads to a different legitimate site, in which the spammer has installed a rogue page. Sample spam message

NFL Season Kicks Off… With a New Virus


The NFL season just began, and the virus writers are already hard at work trying to turn it to their advantage. This weekend, Commtouch labs identified an outbreak of NFL-related spam messages with links to a malware site. The content … Continue reading →

Spammers launch DDOS attacks against anti-spam organizations.


SANS Institute reported on Monday, June 11 2007, that several well known anti-spam organizations such as Spamhaus, SURBL (Spam URI Realtime Blocklists) and URIBL (Realtime URI Blacklist) have been targeted in attempt to bring them down. For the full story … Continue reading →

Commtouch NT Company Picnic


For this year’s company picnic, Commtouch Netanya participated in an agricultural workshop at a nearby pastoral farming village. We all had a great time, worked hard, got to know each other better and found a new mascot! And made some … Continue reading →

Port 25 blocking spurred ISP email relay zombies


“This represents a new step in the evolution of spambots. Previously, these bots all tried to transmit directly from port 25, but with the advent of port 25 blocking by ISPs, this has become an obstacle. It was only a … Continue reading →