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How quickly can a zombie be caught?


Pretty @#$% quickly if you heard Amir Lev, Commtouch’s CTO speaking at the Ferris Webinar yesterday, together with Ferris’ Richi Jennings. The webinar was about understanding mail reputation services, and Amir gave an overview of different types of reputation services, … Continue reading →

Commtouch Q3 Update


The company announced today that 9 new OEM deals were signed in Q3, bringing the total licensing partners to 82. Which begs the obvious question: why are there still so many companies looking for innovative, content-neutral anti-spam and anti-malware solutions? … Continue reading →

Pornographic Image Spam


Image spam on the whole is on the decline, and stock pump-and-dump has all but disappeared. But image spam hasn’t been eliminated altogether. Lately our spam detection center has seen a significant increase in pornographic image spam (the URLs are … Continue reading →

Beware of Online Games Spam


A massive attack this weekend has been inundating users with emails with subjects like “Wow, Cool Games” and the like. The content of the email messages contain only “Try, where the X’s are varying IP addresses. At one point … Continue reading →

Happy New Year


To our friends, colleagues and partners in Israel and throughout the world celebrating Rosh Hashana, best wishes for a sweet, healthy New Year.

Hijacking legitimate sites in spam


We came across a very well-built spam attack that uses a different link for every item, and each link leads to a different legitimate site, in which the spammer has installed a rogue page. Sample spam message