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Storm worm now preys on guilty conscience


Imagine receiving an anonymous email from someone who claims to be a private detective, who proves that he is listening to your phone calls by attaching a tape-recording to the email message. Intrigued enough to click on the attachment? Perhaps, … Continue reading →

Virus Writers Mean Business


It seems the wicked of the computer world have officially sold out. According to a recently released report by Panda Security virus writers are no longer interested in old fashioned havoc-wreaking worms. The notorious script kiddies of the past have … Continue reading →

Response to Dancho Danchev on the Malware Outbreak Center


Security blogger Dancho Danchev brings up several good points in his blog post triggered by Commtouch’s new Malware Outbreak Center. I agree that without traditional AV in place, most companies would be exposed to many “in the wild” viruses like … Continue reading →

Malware Outbreak Center – What’s It For?


Commtouch publicized the new Malware Outbreak Center earlier this week, a resource on our web site to learn about new malware variants, and comparative catch-times for each of the AV engines. All very nice info for Commtouch commercial purposes, to … Continue reading →

Dancing skeleton malware rattles across email


Spammers have once again sunk their fangs into Halloween and flooded email with holiday themed threats. When I was a kid parents feared tainted trick-or-treat candy. Now they can add spyware and computer viruses to their list of worries. Keep … Continue reading →

Global spam levels hit 95% during last quarter


The recently released Commtouch Q3 2007 Email Threats Trends Report shows that global spam levels reached as high as 95% during the last three months. Every quarter when we report this statistic we say to ourselves ‘Wow, that’s really high! … Continue reading →