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2008: Year of the Storm Trojan?


ZDNet’s Richard Stiennon just published his Ten threat predictions for 2008. Number 8 on his list is an ominous warning that we ain’t seen nothing yet from the Storm Trojan peer-to-peer botnet: 8. The world learns what the Storm Trojan is … Continue reading →

F-Secure reports malware doubled in 2007


Leading security company and Commtouch partner F-Secure published its semi-annual IT Security Threat Summary today. Their labs have seen the number of malware samples double since the beginning of 2007, from 250,000 to 500,000. Source: F-Secure It’s not so much … Continue reading →

Google thinks spam is decreasing


A recent Wired article talks about Google’s claim that spam has waned over the year.  We took a look at the past 12 months of our statistics, and sure enough it’s gone down… and up… and down… and up…you get … Continue reading →

Pump-and-dump spam goes old-school


It looks like spammers also get nostalgic around the holiday season. The spammer who sent these stock scams, must have been reminiscing about old-fashioned text spam when this outbreak was concocted.  The sad truth is this kind of low-tech spam … Continue reading →

Thanksgiving Turkey? No, Thanksgiving Spam


UK website a repository for email job scams


There is no shortage of email scams out there, many of them appearing to be job offers from legitimate employment websites such as and A UK based website is striking back by publishing an updated web repository … Continue reading →