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Storm botnet strikes on Xmas eve


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, spam and malware lurked behind every click of the mouse. On December 24th, just in time for the holidays, the Commtouch Detection Center picked up a new blended threat spam outbreak. … Continue reading →

Unconventional replica watches spam


People are used to seeing Viagra or fake Rolexes promoted in spam, but have you ever seen spam that is selling fake Rolexes (and other replicas) that never mentions it in the email? Makes it hard for content filters to … Continue reading →

CHKP chooses Commtouch to secure email traffic


Earlier this week network security giant Check Point announce that it has integrated all three Commtouch email security technologies into its new UTM-1 network security appliance. By adding Commtouch Anti-spam, Zero-Hour virus outbreak detection & GlobalView mail reputation service, Check … Continue reading →

Stration rears its ugly head


The beauty of having a system the works automatically is that we don’t necessarily notice big outbreaks until they’ve already happened and been blocked (and even then we need to look for them). That’s what turned out to have been … Continue reading →

CMU’s game teaches phishing safety


Anti-Phishing Phil is an online game developed by Carnegie Mellon’s Usable Privacy and Security Lab (CUPS) with funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation and ARO/CyLab. It’s a fun way to test and improve your ability to spot phishing emails. … Continue reading →

Happy Hanukka at the Commtouch Cafe


Just in case you thought we were kidding about the centrality of coffee and other hot beverages in Commtouch, check out this picture from the recent Hanukka party at Netanya HQ. Those are Moroccan teapots and glasses for the delicious … Continue reading →