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Google Docs Phishing Attack Worms Its Way In

by Igor Glik

Phishing Threat Analysis

Repeatedly referred to as “massive,” the Google Docs attack which has been the talk of the security blogosphere and even mainstream media this past week appears to have sent invitation emails to an estimated “less than 0.1%” of Gmail users, according to Google’s own statement, which is not a particularly massive fraction. Although that still could signify over one million users, in terms of sheer volume it’s not a lot compared to billions of ransomware emails being pumped out by a botnet in a single day.

Infosec Island: When Is Not

by John Callon

Phishing Threat Analysis

To get up to speed on the latest technique used by phishing site operators to present legitimate-but-fake (!) web sites,  check out Cyren security researcher Magni Sigurdsson's column in Infosec Island, which details how cybercriminals are exploiting a browser capability for representing non-Latin characters to make users think they really are at, or other trusted brands' sites, and snagging their login credentials.

Is Monday the Worst Day of the Week...for Security?

by Daisy Spiridopoulos

Email Security Malware Phishing Ransomware Threat Analysis Web Security

The IT manager responsible for information security at an enterprise account — let’s call him “Steve” — recently shared an interesting story.  In general, he felt that they handle security pretty well, but he detailed one challenge that they haven't yet solved — users roaming outside the office security perimeter.

It's Baaack! Dridex Targets UK With a New Set of Guns

by Maharlito Aquino

Malware Threat Analysis

In the midst of the recent revival of Dridex, the notorious family of banking trojans, a Dridex attack scheme targeted at users in the UK was detected this week (and is being blocked) by Cyren's security cloud.

Point, Click and Hack — Phishers Try Wix

by Yaniv Ovitz

Phishing Security Research & Analysis Threat Analysis Web Security

Anyone, including phishers and malware distributors, can make a free website on Wix. Cyren analyzes one example of a Wix page targeting Office 365 users.

Students Targeted by Test Prep SEO Attack

by Lordian Mosuela

Malware Threat Analysis

College entrance exams are anxiety inducing for many students, now made all the more stressful by the discovery by Cyren researchers of malware targeting students seeking an exam reviewer or test preparation  service. A recent search for “college entrance exam reviewer pdf” led to an SEO (search engine optimization) attack based on these keywords.