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Malicious use of freely available password recovery tools

by Rommel Ramos

Malware Security Research & Analysis Threat Analysis

Cyren discovers malware distributed as an email attachment, posing as a PDF with a fake file name and icon - and using network admin tools to steal user info.

ShellShock's Payload Leads to Malware

by Lordian Mosuela

Malware Threat Analysis

Shellshock exploded on the scene last week, making headlines in major newspapers and security blogs.  Shellshock is a security hole in the Unix/Linux “Bash” Shell. Bash is a command processor that typically runs in a text window, allowing the user to type commands which cause actions.  For the non-Linux/UNIX users among us, it is roughly equivalent to cmd.exe (Windows) or (DOS).  So, generally not the place to go if you love using a mouse.  

Finding Dunihi By Houdini

by Lordian Mosuela

Malware Security Research & Analysis Threat Analysis

Dunihi is a Remote Access Tool written in VBS (Visual Basic Script) that provides backdoor access to an infected system - learn about its behavior and origin.