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Construction Industry Security Threatened by Weak Links


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Remember the big Target breach in 2013, when 40 million credit and debit cards and as many as 110 million email addresses stolen? It cost Target $292 million (according to their annual report), led to 80 lawsuits which took four years to resolve, and cost the CEO his job.

Have Email Threats Finally Worn Down IT Professionals? 80 Opinions on the State of Email Security


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Have email threats worn down IT professionals? Cyren recently gathered opinions from the Spiceworks IT community members about the state of email security. Read on to discover the general opinions and feelings of the 80 respondents.

Beware the Ides of April: Tax Fraud Season in Full Gear


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Tax season means that not only are government revenue agents awaiting your company's and your employees' data and looking to settle accounts, but that cybercriminals are hard at work with a variety of cyber scams aimed at diverting tax reforms and stealing sensitive personal information.

725% increase in cryptocurrency mining threatens more than just your CPU


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We've been tracking cryptocurrency mining activity here at the Cyren Security Lab and have confirmed a massive run-up in the number of web sites hosting cryptomining scripts globally. Discover the rate of growth acceleration and how businesses can protect themselves today.

Business Email Compromise (Imposter) Attacks Are Not Going Away


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Business email compromise (BEC) attacks have been increasing in number over the last few years, driven by their relative success rate compared to other financially motivated attacks. Learn more about these attacks with Cyren and avoid falling victim to them.

Facebook Users Hit With Coinminer Malware


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The value of Bitcoin virtual currency just hit a new all-time high, and with it an increasing number of malware threats are targeting users to "borrow" their PC's CPU for use in mining the precious cryptocurrency, something we last wrote about in October here. Once executed, a significant spike in CPU resources can be seen by the user in the active processes list (if they look...).