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Locky Morphs Again: Now Delivered as DLL

by Maharlito Aquino

Malware Analysis Ransomware

We are now seeing a new wave of Locky, which has yet again updated its delivery mechanism by adding another layer of obfuscation to its downloader …

Locky Ransomware Now Embedded in Javascript

by Maharlito Aquino

Malware Analysis Ransomware Security Research & Analysis

A new wave of Locky malware emails have been making the rounds since yesterday — July 20, 2016 — with a critical new development, whereby the …

Ransomware — Protect Yourself or Pay

by Dan Maier

Email Security Phishing Ransomware Web Security

Locky Ransomware in 2016 Ransomware has surged dramatically this year with the launch of a new variant called “Locky.” Delivered via massive …