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Ransomware Overshadowed by Phishing, But It's Not Dead Yet

by John Callon

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According to several recent surveys, phishing may have surpassed ransomware as the top concern for IT and security managers, and there may not be a …

Survey Says 44% of Companies Phished This Year

by John Callon

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The third annual Cyren-Osterman Research U.S. security survey shows a significant increase in phishing emails getting through to users and in the …

Have Email Threats Finally Worn Down IT Professionals? 80 Opinions on the State of Email Security

by Duncan Mills

Email Security Industry Insights Malware Phishing Ransomware Security Research & Analysis Web Security

Cyren recently gathered opinions from the Spiceworks IT community membership about the state of email security. We received almost 80 responses and …

New Scarab Ransomware Using Necurs-as-a-Service

by Magni Reynir Sigurðsson

Botnets Ransomware Threat Analysis

13.3 million Scarab ransomware emails detected in one day The new Scarab ransomware being distributed via email by the Necurs botnet appears to come …

10 Cyber Threat Terms Every IT Manager Should Know

by John Callon

Botnets Industry Insights Malware Phishing Ransomware

Do you know the difference between spear phishing and clone phishing and...just plain phishing? Or adware and malvertising? Check out the list below …

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Alert: 5 Shopping Scams That Could Seriously Affect Your Business

by John Callon

Phishing Ransomware

The last thing any company needs during the holiday season is the gift of ransomware on its IT systems. During this week’s build-up to Black Friday, …