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New Threat Report: Everything you need to know about botnets

by John Callon

Botnets Cyberthreat Report Malware Threat Analysis Web Security

Cyren announces the release of the comprehensive cybersecurity report Botnets: The Clone Army of Cybercrime. This detailed look at a fundamental component of cybercrime infrastructure covers a wide range of botnet-specific topics, ranging from the basics of botnet architecture to in-depth analyses of botnet creation and evasion techniques.


Why your email isn't as secure as you think it is

by Dan Maier

Malware Phishing Ransomware

Recent headlines are chock-full of reports of email phishing attacks by cybercriminals who outwit employees to obtain sensitive personal data and financial information. Under the guise of recognized web payment and productivity tool requests, hackers lure potential victims into clicking on fake email links that are designed to steal credentials or download ransomware.

HTTPS is now over 50% of internet traffic - are we safer?

by Dan Maier

Malware Web Security

After years of calling for “HTTPS Everywhere” on the web and encouraging websites to use HTTPS by default, Google officials say the effort has begun to pay off. New data released at the end of October 2016 shows that more than 50% of all pages loaded by the Chrome browser are now served over HTTPS.

Virus Bulletin: Keeping Up with the Stegoloader Trojan

by John Callon

Malware Security Research & Analysis Threat Analysis

As CYREN’s GlobalView security cloud churns through billions of pieces of information every day, our researchers are busy examining how certain threats work in order to make the whole automated system continuously smarter.

Certain threats we find represent marked “advances" in intrusion techniques. A deep dive on the mechanics of one notable recent “advance" was published today by Virus Bulletin. Lordian Mosuela, one of our anti-malware experts, walks through a new development in the notorious history of the Stegoloader trojan, which was initially detected by CYREN last year as W32/Gatak and is used principally as a distribution vehicle for malware which steals sensitive information or installs the scourge of the moment, ransomware. 


Not an April Fools’ Day Joke: Locky Ransomware

by Maharlito Aquino

Malware Security Research & Analysis Threat Analysis

Locky is a new form of ransomware which has made headlines by holding three hospitals’ data hostage recently and encrypts a broad range of document and media formats before displaying ransom screens to infected users with payment instructions. A typical decrypt ransom is around $200 per infected system, with the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles paying the equivalent of $17,000 in Bitcoin.  

Sandbox Array and APT in Asia Pacific

by Sylvain Lejeune

Industry Insights Malware Web Security

While publically disclosed data breaches this year have increased, the majority are not reported, and many go undetected.  Whilst some of these organizations were unprepared or slow to respond, many others have adopted a layered approach to prevent cyber security breaches as well as to mitigate the situation should a breach occur. 

As attacks are increasingly targeted, sophisticated, and evasive, many enterprise and government agencies are combining multiple engines, tools, feeds, and technologies each of which brings different detection benefits, to enhance threat detection capabilities with the objective being to significantly reduce the risk of cybercrime.