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IT Security Survey in the UK - 75% Hacked in Past Year

by John Callon

Malware Security Research & Analysis

Cyren teamed with Osterman Research to do in-depth interviews of IT and security professionals on a range of security-related topics at over 100 small and medium-sized organizations ranging in size from 100 to 5,000 employees last month, with the results just released in a comprehensive report.

Krebs Exposed IoT Botnet Mastermind — Think That's the End?

by Avi Turiel

Botnets Malware Threat Analysis Web Security

For several years, cybersecurity professionals have been predicting an impending malware onslaught, originating from Internet of Things (IoT) devices—“smart” everyday household items that can connect to the Internet, such as refrigerators, WiFi routers, DVRs, baby monitors, security cameras, thermostats, and so forth.

French Ministry “Survey” Delivers Macro Backdoor

by Kervin Alintanahin

Malware Security Research & Analysis Threat Analysis

Thinking of moving to France? Soyez très prudent! That form you're busy filling out may be uploading and downloading files, exfiltrating data, doing reconnaisance of your network — or worse. A criminal malware group behind a sophisticated Excel macro backdoor, which has been targeting Middle Eastern financial institutions since 2015, appears to have diversified to new targets, with Cyren researchers recently discovering the technique being applied to a fake survey document purportedly sent by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

New Cerber Ransomware-as-a-Service Causing Fresh Outbreaks

by Kervin Alintanahin

Malware Ransomware Threat Analysis

Cyren is now detecting fresh outbreaks of Cerber ransomware being distributed using variants of a popular malware distribution tool known as “Nemucod”. 

Fake bank transfer emails stealing Bitcoin and passwords

by Igor Glik & Magni Reynir Sigurðsson

Malware Threat Analysis Web Security

Cyren has discovered an outbreak of malware which is stealing passwords as well as Bitcoin from crypto-currency wallets on PCs. This versatile keylogger malware is delivered as an attachment to phony bank transfer emails, informing the recipient that they have received a deposit.

Botnets rising

by Lior Kohavi

Botnets Malware Threat Analysis Web Security

The year 2016 was certainly notable for Locky and the rise of ransomware, but these last months our attention has been drawn to a fundamental element of the underlying criminal cyber infrastructure—botnets.