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Email Malware without Macros or Attachments — Beware Rogue Outlook Meeting Invites

by Maharlito Aquino and Kervin Alintanahin

Malware Threat Analysis

A new security vulnerability in the Microsoft Office DDE protocol is allowing malware authors to send emails without macros or attachments. Learn more here.

Malware Goes Currency Mining with Your CPU

by Maharlito Aquino and Kervin Alintanahin

Malware Threat Analysis

If you find your CPU spiking — or, if you're an IT manager, that of your users — while browsing some website, it may be you’ve just loaned your computer resources to a virtual currency mining operation.

Ransomware-as-a-Service Is Making Crime Easy

by John Callon

Email Security Malware Ransomware Web Security

It shouldn’t surprise anybody to learn that cybercriminals are taking their lead from some established business service models, like "Satan," an easy-to-use online ransomware configuration service.

Best Practices for Stopping Ransomware

by John Callon

Malware Ransomware Threat Analysis Web Security

New Cyren Threat Report: The Malware Wars

by Lior Kohavi

Cyberthreat Report Malware Security Research & Analysis

If you want to know what a cyber-war looks like, read the news. And if you want to get up to speed quickly and try to make sense of all that news, I recommend downloading our new special report on malware, with a special nod to the included interview of anti-virus pioneer Fridrik Skulason, Cyren's VP of Anti-Malware Technologies, who discusses the past, present, and future of malware from the perspective of 30 years' experience in fighting cybercrime.

Trickbot Banking Trojan Making Phishing More Real

by Igor Glik & Magni Reynir Sigurðsson

Email Security Malware Phishing Threat Analysis

Learn about how the new and improved Trickbot works and read Cyren's Trickbot malware analysis. Protect your credentials and security codes!