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“The King Celebrates Spring” – Fake Coupons by Burger King, KFC and Walmart

Email Security Phishing Spam

Within the last few days our research team could see a spam campaign from the US, offering coupons by fast food chains like Burger King (coupon “THE KING CELEBRATES SPRING!”), Kentucky Fried Chicken (subject: “KFC for Lunch”) and Walmart.     … Continue reading →

Stuck in the Philippines (or wherever)…

by Avi Turiel

Email Security Malware

Since I started working in the security industry I have trained those around me to be wary of unusual looking emails – even those coming from friends.  So I felt glad when a friend (‘trained” by me) forwarded this email … Continue reading →

Building Your Digital Profile, Piece by Piece…

by Victor Buonocore

Email Security Phishing Spam, the daily deals site was hacked last week, with details for over 50 Million accounts, including Customer Names, Emails, Birthdates and Encrypted Passwords being stolen. This event comes at a difficult time for the company, as they attempt a … Continue reading →

Election of New Pope used as Lure in Malware Attacks

by Avi Turiel

Email Security Web Security

It’s tough being a malware distributor – you can’t exactly go around asking people to install your malware – you need to be creative.  So a global newsstory such as the election of Pope Francis is too good an opportunity … Continue reading →

Preventing Outbound Spam and Blacklisting

Email Security Spam

Blocked IP ranges resulting in customer loss, operational cost increases, brand damage and even potential lawsuits are potential negative consequences service providers face as a result of spam, phishing and malware emails emanating from their networks. But where does outbound … Continue reading →