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Yuletide spam and shopping scams breaking records

by John Callon

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Global email traffic passing through Cyren’s cloud security operations is shows that Christmas-themed email is almost entirely commercial or criminal.

Ransomware — Protect Yourself or Pay

by Dan Maier

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Ransomware has surged dramatically this year with the launch of a new variant called “Locky.” Delivered via massive malicious spam blasts (malspam), Locky represented 40% of all malware distributed worldwide during the first quarter of 2016.

And as these attacks have become more sophisticated, attackers are increasingly targeting businesses and organizations that have deeper pockets. So far, law enforcement has been helpless to stop these threats, IT teams are struggling and failing to protect their organizations, and attackers are raking in the money.

CYREN's 2016 Cyberthreat Report: Malware Increases - But Phishing Explodes

Email Security Phishing Security Research & Analysis Spam Threat Analysis

The statistics about Android phishing, malware and spam, published in CYREN's 2016 Cyberthreat Report, show a 55% annual increase in phishing and a steady upswing for malware in 2015. CYREN tracked 3.96 million active phishing URLs in 2015.

You Got Crypto Mail

by Maharlito Aquino

Email Security Security Research & Analysis Spam Threat Analysis

In a spam campaign that we have been seeing at the end of the year, malware actors were sending out Courier Delivery Notification themed e-mails to lure users into falling prey to the infamous CryptoWall ransomware...


ENCORE: The Cyber-Grinch and Cyber-Scrooge Trying to Steal Christmas again!

Email Security Security Research & Analysis Spam

You might remember CYREN’s previous Cyber-Grinch and Cyber-Scrooge blog article from 2014. Tis the time of the year when this article’s content becomes relevant again!

In 2015, the cyber-criminals, alias Cyber-Grinch and Cyber-Scrooge are active and creative in their goal of making money - again. Find out more about "The Scams of Christmas Past, Present, and Future"...

Hidden Malware and the Ghosts of Mobile Technology

by Avi Turiel

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Already discovered packaged into 39 different Android apps, “Ghost Push” (sometimes also called “Rootnik”) malware turns an infected device into a platform for the installation of adware, unwanted homescreen links, and further malware. Victims have found the malware to be deeply entrenched and difficult to remove.