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Interview with a Botnet Hunter


Botnets Security Research & Analysis

In this interview, Cyren botnet expert Geffen Tzur explains how botnets work and gives a view from the trenches on successes and challenges in fighting botnet cybercrime.

New Scarab Ransomware Using Necurs-as-a-Service


Botnets Ransomware Threat Analysis

The new Scarab ransomware being distributed via email by the Necurs botnet appears to come from scanning devices or services like HP, Epson or Lexmark. While there are similarities to the Necurs-distributed Locky ransomware, Scarab seems to have been developed by a different malware author. Necurs began actively distributing Scarab on November 23rd (Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.). Cyren's security cloud blocked 13.3 million emails containing the Scarab attachment that day.

10 Cyber Threat Terms Every IT Manager Should Know


Botnets Industry Insights Malware Phishing Ransomware

What's the difference between spear phishing, clone phishing, and just plain phishing? Check out the top 10 cyber threat terms every IT manager should know.

Locky Revived – A Roundup of New Variants


Botnets Malware Threat Analysis

Locky, the ransomware which dominated 2016 and then disappeared for the first half of 2017, has been completely rescuscitated during the past three months with a series of new variants, and demanding three times the ransom rate. A possible reason for its disappearance and reemergence was explored in a recent SecurityWeek blog by Cyren's VP of Threat Research, Siggi Stefnisson.

Self Defense: How to Detect A Botnet on Your Network


Botnets Malware Threat Analysis Web Security

Cyren blocks outbound bot communications and helps identify where the bots are in order to remove them. Learn how to recognize the warning signs.

Legitimate Botnets Do Exist


Botnets Industry Insights

The term "botnet" is generally associated with cybercrime, but there are also legitimate and useful botnets – better known as "distributed computing systems".