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The Cyren Security Blog is where Cyren engineers and thought leaders provide insights, research and analysis on a range of current cybersecurity topics.

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Protect Office 365 Email from Ransomware

Ransomware is continually evolving. It has become the “most prominent malware threat”, with experts estimating that ransomware attacks in 2021 resulted in total damage costs of $20 billion. While there is no ransomware that specifically...

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The Resurgence of Emotet

by Kervin Alintanahim Password Protected Docs One of the most recent Emotet samples we received were emails with password protected attachments. Although the malicious document needs an extra step to be accessed compared to just being attached as it is, the additional...

What Are Office 365 Safe Attachments?

Office 365 Safe Attachments is a feature of Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection (also known as Microsoft 365 Defender) that provides another layer of protection to incoming emails by scanning its attachments for malicious software. Phishing emails and attacks are...

IRS Scams 2022

By Dexter See To, Joy Celine Faltado, & Mike Fleck Tax scams are so prevalent that the United States Internal Revenue Service has published a very long FAQ page to warn people of the risks. As we approach the peak of the income tax season in the United States, we...