Why One OEM Partner Chose Commtouch


smarter-toolsLast week, SmarterTools and Commtouch announced an agreement, providing our Anti-Spam technology as an optional add-on for their SmarterMail mail server software.

SmarterTools evaluated more than a half dozen technologies before deciding on Commtouch’s Anti-Spam SDK, and according to them:

Many were solid enough, but had antispam measures very similar to the sets that were currently in SmarterMail out-of-the-box. Others relied too much on visitor scoring, which can be unreliable, spotty, and at times conflicted (sometimes one man’s spam is another man’s valuable news).

They had some basic criteria in their quest for the perfect OEM partner…

  1. The proposed technology had to show real, measurable improvements that delivered value
  2. The licensing model had to be flexible and able to accommodate the existing SmarterMail licensing model
  3. The technology had to be complimentary— not just duplicating or mirroring one or several of their existing measures


…and Commtouch delivered.

To read more about the decision-making process and why SmarterTools chose Commtouch as an OEM partner, check out the SmarterTools blog.

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