What Will Zombies/Bots Do Next?


During the past several months, I have met with industry thought leaders in network security products and services to discuss the growing threats of botnets, zombies and other ways to describe the issue of compromised hosts.

One of the topics of conversation: what will the bots do next? And do these swiss-army knives of badware do multiple things?

ClickForensics, an innovative group based in Austin, has just published their quarterly review of click-fraud, and declared that bots are committing >25% of the fraudulent clicks.

In our analysis at Commtouch, we see spambots distributing malware, acting as webhosts for phishing sites, and engaging in massive distributed spam campaigns. We have worked with several partners to test how our GlobalView Zombie Intelligence Database correlates with clickfraud, DDOS, spyware, and phishing.

If you would like to test out how our data matches up with yours, please contact us at: info@commtouch.com.

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