Webcast Provides Insight Into Web Security Threats in 2010


Webcast: Commtouch Security Alliance Web Security Threats in 2010

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Commtouch Security Alliance partners Sunbelt Software, RSA, the Security Division of EMC, and Commtouch held an informative webcast this past Thursday discussing the latest in web security threats. The webcast, entitled “Stormy Web Ahead: A Forecast of Web Security Threats in 2010,” provided essential information needed to understand the web security threats that organizations and individuals face.

The Speakers, Sean Brady of RSA, Chad Loeven of SunbeltLabs and Asaf Greiner of Commtouch, each described the threats their organizations tracked in 2009. They then went on to provide a forecast for the types of web security threats each believes companies and individuals will face in 2010.

At the end of the webcast the three speakers took part in a live Q&A session. Viewers were asked to send in questions via e-mail and Twitter, with all responses provided over Twitter. Below is a log of the questions that the panel was asked along with their responses.

Question: What impact will Windows 7 Microsoft Security Essentials (free AV) have on the threat landscape?
Sunbelt: While Win7 is certainly the most secure OS yet from MS, no OS can completely protect from social engineering or vulnerabilities in the applications.

Question: Where is most of the fraud originating from these days?
RSA: While it looks like fraud comes from all over, most of the key drivers are still believed to be out of Eastern Europe.

Question: How do you know these zombies aren’t just a myth?
Commtouch: Commtouch has been monitoring zombies sending spam. We have a list of over 10 million at any given moment.

Question: What do you think fraudsters are going to do with Enterprise data?
RSA: Once they figure out how to turn it into cash – extortion, resale, stock manipulation – you’ll see them put it to use.

Question: Do you see Mac or mobile malware reaching a critical mass in 2010?
Sunbelt: Yes. In particular, with the mobile market continuing to increase the # of nodes, the growth in mobile payments, increased mobile bandwidth and the consolidation of smartphones around a few platforms, all the pieces are in place to present a compelling target for malware authors. Same for Mac. As its total user base grows, it’s new territory for the bad guys.

Question: What is the impact of 64-bit OSs and apps on the threat landscape?
Sunbelt: There’s currently virtually no 64-bit malware, but we can expect that to change.


Question: Do people actually fall for these scams?
Commtouch: Yes. Actually every once in a while people complain that we mark these attacks as malicious. They don’t get that it is a scam.

Question: Would web reputation solve these types of attacks?
Commtouch: Reputation is an important part, however many attacks are done via compromised and UGC sites.

Question: How do you three companies work together to prevent attacks?
Commtouch specializes in identifying attacks across the globe. Sunbelt and RSA are leading experts at analyzing attacks.


If you would like to watch the webcast, a recording is available for viewing on-demand.

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