Virus Writers Mean Business


It seems the wicked of the computer world have officially sold out. According to a recently released report by Panda Security virus writers are no longer interested in old fashioned havoc-wreaking worms. The notorious script kiddies of the past have either sold out or been replaced by money hungry trespassers, who now focus on revenue generating adware and Trojans, instead of anarchy and vandalism. According to Panda, adware and Trojans now make up 49% of all detected infections while worms have declined to just 8.31 percent of total viruses in October 2007, down fro 18.14 percent same time last year.

Domonic Hoskins of Panda Security UK summed it up when he told

In effect, the sole purpose of creating new malware is now financially led through the theft of sensitive and confidential information.

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