Unconventional replica watches spam


People are used to seeing Viagra or fake Rolexes promoted in spam, but have you ever seen spam that is selling fake Rolexes (and other replicas) that never mentions it in the email? Makes it hard for content filters to flag it as spam… Take a look at something Commtouch Recurrent Pattern Detection picked up a couple days ago:

replica watch spam

Looks pretty innocent, until you click through the hyperlink and realize that it’s a replica watch web site:

Replica Watch Site

At first, giving the sender the benefit of the doubt, I thought to myself, “perhaps these people actually ordered something on the site & the order process was faulty, and that is why they are receiving these email messages.” However the Commtouch spam analysis lab assures me that the quantity and distribution of these messages assures that they are not legitimate order follow-ups, and rather, a devious way to try to bypass anti-spam filters.

I happen to love the kooky subject lines. Besides the one included above, others are:

  • moons debt tail
  • what but here
  • stall less faint

I’m sure these are high-scoring words on the Bayesian scale,  however I still get a kick out of them – surely fodder for a post-modern literary analysis….

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