Trick or Treat: Exploring the Cobwebs of the Interwebs


Halloween is always a fun holiday for cybercriminals. Spam, malware, phishing…the works. The Commtouch Labs reported on several different Halloween schemes this season.

One spam attack surfaced in  multiple languages. The subjects read like this:

  • … reduzierte preise fuer halloween! programme fuer pc & mac
  • … reduction des prix de l’halloween! programmes pour pc et mac
  • … prezzi piu bassi per halloween! programmi per pc e mac
  • … halloween sale! programs for pc & mac

Advanced mail filtering technologies (*ahem ahem*) are language-agnostic and can easily detect and block attacks like this before they hit a network.

Another Halloween attack led to some nasty malware. An email like the one pictured here has been circulating and enticing innocent users to click on a link to retrieve a Halloween greeting.

Janet, youre alloween e-card message is inside!!

Holiday greeting schemes are not new, however. Recall the fake Hallmark holiday emails that spread Trojans and the New Year’s e-card blended threat as well.

The link inside the message leads you to the landing page seen below, which offers users to download a browser toolbar, which is actually a virus.

Halloween blended threat landing page

Guess they’re up to more tricks than treats!

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