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The LoveGame virus gets hearts racing

The LoveGame virus gets hearts racing

The concept sounds interesting: A new game called “lovegame” which is still freeware has been received as an email attachment.

Email text:

Hello Dear! Do you play games ?

lovegame. us present new project

This game is still freeware. You can find it in Attach. Please test it and send us Your feedback

ENJOY !.. lovegame. us

Commtouch’s Command Antivirus Lab confirms that the attached “game” is in fact a polymorphic virus. This means that all copies of the virus are basically the same but include trivial changes so that they are not identical. These changes are introduced on purpose to confuse any solution that is purely file signature based.

It didn’t really get our hearts racing – but the distribution pattern of the virus over the last day looked decidedly heartbeat-like!

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