The iPhone 5 virus


Most rumors have the iPhone 5 arriving sometime in September.  Today we received a malicious email that exploits the hype surrounding the not-so-imminent release.  The email describes the “iPhone 5G S” (hope Apple is not taking notes).  The text and forged images group together several of the rumors about the new device – slimmer, faster, bigger display, better cloud integration.  And of course the big news – the “iPhone 5G S” is available in black!

All the images and links seem to point to an image file “iphone5.gif” – which is actually “iphone5.gif.exe”.  Clicking pretty anywhere in the email will lead to the download of the file complete with apple icon:

The malware is detected by Commtouch’s Command Antivirus as:


Closer examination of the link provided in the email revealed that the malware had been hidden inside a compromised legitimate site.  The screen below shows one of the genuine pages:

Malware, spam and scam outbreaks that exploit Apple product releases can now be expected since we observed similar attacks preceding both the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2.


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