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Suspected BEC Campaign Targeting Banks

In the past week we’ve been receiving reports of different—but seemingly related—email malware campaigns targeting banks in both the US and Europe, specifically in the form of Excel Workbooks containing a malicious macro being sent as an attachment to emails. What’s interesting is that even though the email themes used are varied, the attached bait documents are mostly similar.

Below we have provided an example email and a step-by-step analysis of the malicious Excel Workbook attachment being utilized, along with Indicators of Compromise listed at the bottom. We have not been successful in acquiring the final payload from the malware servers, so we have no idea what the main purpose of this campaign is at this moment. We will update this blog with any new information.

Example email from one of the related campaigns utilizing the Excel Workbook attachment.

How It Works: Payload Analysis

Excel Workbook Attachment

  1. Once you open this Excel Workbook, you will see a decoy image prompting you to enable the macro content from the Office Security Options

  2. Drops embedded XLSX to the Windows temporary directory as 13.xlsx
  3. Renames XLSX file
  4. Extracts either carpc2.dll for 64-bit or carpc2.dll for 32-bit Windows
  5. Loads the extracted DLL with LoadLibrary API and calls the Get2 export function

DLL Behaviour

  1. Once loaded, the DLL decrypts a needed function, which also decrypts and decompresses the main DLL at runtime.
  2. The 32-bit main DLL is packed with UPX unlike the 64-bit version which is not.
  3. The main DLL will then gather the following information from the affected system:
    1. Computer Name
    2. User Name
    3. OS Version
    4. Currently running process names
  4. This information is then used as parameters for the beacon to its server/s
  5. Depending on the server’s response, it may attempt to download and execute a final payload into the affected system.

URL Parameter format





Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; InfoPath.2; CIBA; MS-RTC LM 8)

Indicators of Compromise and Cyren Detections

Object ID Object Type Subject/Filename/Remarks Region Cyren Detection/s
ad324e00e98a9997fa37d69cf35eede21f12bdf8cc4e00158856f2fb46fc7153 E-mail INSTRUKCIJE W32/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
81eb3102810bd069ea810ada270eebaea22c20c423de565608a928010a0b806a OLE Workbook Inv.2019.xls W32/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
df7b6fef7a8050598c3a94a7aa97f49fa1aa89d04a49b03a3ef40e7842172ccd Win32 DLL carpc1.dll W32/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
b41def8d777a13dd709bfbb2b46f572ed69d08263e98a6868de5751b4b015bd4 Win64 DLL carpc2.dll W64/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
hxxps://update365-office-ens[.]com/rb8 URL Malware Host W64/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
3f13c868705e6b09194d2a5db4fc3a2bc991de718f4a4e89ae08f21fbacb34e6 E-mail Payment information W32/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
8fbcc5e457c4e223148820cf4a1b6f760c819bf0bf0b5c61b92dcf8d5f8b5805 OLE Workbook PMT_2387718626_200054047_201112170000.xls W32/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
24bfc5cb1ec25bd914d5561a9972f50ea4da6aae9013e2c9c0f7e19fd02d1d31 E-mail Document for Signature W32/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
025a5d51b42f1c8868881d18a6043511c6dffdc402a4eefd988957e924711396 OLE Workbook SM_091019_44627044104226.xls W64/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
27a328a7a46f6d6ad5e09accb2d1d54d53763645c3c479adef4b44df2e01f314 E-mail Document for Signature W32/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
37e84a72f10d6776cdc73da0acabbc54d155f10e9ee1582b6355657b00740c42 OLE Workbook SM_091019_33138272845852.xls W64/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
120721eb9a6b01afd9a7c2396b272216fe418da8495fa05cf89d4bf07d72f18f E-mail Document for Signature W32/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
df7316a4fb5b69a98bd2fc13c2feb5e3cb2b66e78e1f9edf153f35e7859c7b5e OLE Workbook SM_091019_10207745772443.xls W64/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
cf6ea94045e1c617740a868b63cf5ce1ac852847b3a65f31b45fe498fd2377ef E-mail Psr: Emailing: SKM_C78700614072127.xls W32/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
19cf85cd5b43237c2aa22af41435e052c99eba5383768df3acdb60c1d664c8dc OLE Workbook SKM_C78700614072127.xls W64/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
dbcbb94f1ca2893d05d6a71cca719bff01ae4ce4a35060e9f78a8bfaa523d122 E-mail Scanned W64/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado
836d893a99137a0944d02caddea626586ce0ae081acfe2476997ebb2e6b49bc1 OLE Workbook scan0880.xls W64/Agent.BEH.gen!Eldorado

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